What It’s About

We just wanted to take a moment to discuss why we go to all the trouble of putting on DetroitDevDay (formerly known as 1DevDayDetroit).  There’s an old story about a lumberjack trying to saw down a tree. His supervisor walks by and sees him huffing and puffing trying to cut down the tree.  The supervisor says, “Hey, you know that would work a lot better if you sharpened your saw.  It’s sort of dull.”  The lumberjack replies, “I’d love to sharpen my saw but I’m too busy cutting down trees!”  (Credit to Jeff Atwood from whom I borrowed that story).

DetroitDevDay is a chance to sharpen your saw as a software developer.  It’s a chance to take a day away from the daily work of creating code to hear about ways to build software that’s better, more reliable and generally something you can be proud to give to your customer.

We’re not really trying to help with soft skills.  That’s not because soft skills are not important (they are very important); it’s because there are already excellent conferences around that are aimed at helping people to improve their soft skills.

So if you want to take a little time to sharpen your saw so you can make better software, we’d love to have you join us for the day!